Black. Emancipation. Movement. (B.E.M)

Black. Emancipation. Movement. (B.E.M)

Rated: G Genre: Adventure | Date Showing: 1 July
Time Showing: 6:00pm & 9:00pm


he movie which was directed by Aondohemba Orya and co-produced by Kobby Kings, stars award-winning director and apostle Pascal Amanfo, Nollywood hardcore actor Hanks Anuku, President of Film Directors Guild of Ghana, Richard J. A. Boateng, and a host of popular faces such as Evan Eghan, Caleb Jerry, Kobby Kings, Faustina Oluluaboe Degbe, Gifty Gakpo, among many talented upcoming actors. The movie is about a revolutionary leader, Shakur Jahim (Aondohemba Orya) who is caught in a tragic web of murder of his girlfriend, Olivia Tosa (Divine Edi), but the mystery is unravelled by the Counter Intelligence Operations Department ( C.I.O.D) as the former, before her death, possessed vital information that could clamp down on the activities of a highly organized drug syndicate.


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