Rated: G Genre: | Date Showing: 1 July
Time Showing: 6:00pm & 8:00pm


*“The curse of tradition, the birth of heroes”* “''Culture they say, is a way of life of people in a particular time and place; A story of display of tradition, courage, love, hope and a call to greatness, Mamaga, a supernatural woman with abilities, who renders her services as the priestess of the village faces off with the Chief and his elders who use their authority to savage innocent virgins during the customary rights of puberty known as Dzigbeză as an atonement for the sins of the land when the wrath of the gods are visited on the land. The spirits begin to wreck havoc and the village’s only salvation rest in the hands of Mamaga and her two youthful daughters - Alicivi and Amavi - daughters who have no idea of the powers they wield and how to use them to save the village from destruction *About the Director* Eyram Evans Adorkor is the creator, writer and director of Dzigbeză. He is the CEO of Kritik productions and has several stage plays to his credit. He is a final year student at the National Film and Television Institute and also occupies a sensitive position at Roverman production. Dzigbeză will be his debut role as director of a commercial Tv series but he is not new to the directorial discipline at all. He is a visionary and an entrepreneur who doesn’t Compromise on quality and high standards. Evans therefore invite you to be part of his films and is looking forward in working with your outfit


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